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About Lainey Beatson Art

My name is Lainey and I love to paint and paint messy! I like to create bright and colourful paintings of various subjects, mostly animals, but I have a deep love for guinea pigs so these feature heavily in my work!
I am currently working on a 'splatter' type style where I use messy brush strokes and heavy marks with the paint. I love the way the colours jump off the page and how the painting comes alive with all the 'splatters' around them. It suits me well as I usually work fast and enjoy seeing these come together.

I do also like to slow things down and take a controlled approach, I apply this to the pet portraits I create. I love getting right into a painting and sitting for hours putting in the tiny fine details that makes these pets who they are to their owners.

It's fantastic to know the connection people have with their pets and be a part of that for a brief moment in time, by creating something that will last a lifetime for them.

I have created my website, Facebook and online Etsy shop so you can share my love of painting. I hope you enjoy browsing and find something you like.

If you see something but aren't quite sure, message me and I'm sure we can create something to your liking.

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